Every blog has a first post. It seems like it's the hardest post to write on any blog. But I guess I'll just start by telling you about myself and why I decided to start a blog now.

I'm Beth Case. I'm currently an Instructional Designer at a public 4-year university where I specialize in helping faculty make their online courses and materials accessible. I'm also a resource for copyright questions, though I don't have a legal background. What I do have is hours of research and workshops and friends who specialize in copyright law that I can go to with the tricky questions. 

But I have lots of experience in accessibility. For about 13 years, I worked in disability services offices at postsecondary institutions. I specialized in assistive technology and online accessibility. When I decided it was time for a career change and became an Instructional Designer, the two fields blended beautifully. It's so much easier to make a course accessible if you do it at the time the course is created instead of waiting until there's a need. 

So I'm been collecting resources and information for years and still discovering new things! People ask me things like "Do you know an app that will do this?" or "Do you have a handout on that?" So I figured I would start a blog and put some of these resources online so people can find them.

Be patient. It will take a while...

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